Friday, August 21, 2009

random scribbling

What happens when you stop blogging for a long long time?

You are rid of writer's cramps

You get more time to read the papers, watch tv and spend time with missus.
you can devote more time to social networking.
You can bask in the glory of your past blogs which of course have been read only by a handful of your friends out of sheer courtesy.
You can sit in the lotus position and meditate on your navel as Buddha did, though chances are slim of your attaining Nirvana.
Try your hand at new pursuits like gardening, bird watching (avian not homo sapiens) solving crossword puzzles
Spare the computer keyboard from wear and tear.

Spend more time chatting with your friends on G talk or Yahoo Messenger
Read the newspaper from the mastline to the bottomline where the printers and editor's name are shown covering everything in between like classified ads,cartoons, today's engagements, editorials, middles and letters to the editor. In fact good idea to start writing letters to the editor.
Well, I am going to shoot out a letter right now to the Edtor, supporting Jaswant Singh's views on Jinnah and recommending that the Govt., of Pakistan bestow a Nishan-e-Pakistan on him as they did to Morarji Desai in the seventies.

Well, all this fits in neatly as a new blog, despite my being in a denial mood.

Three cheers to Bloggers in hibernation. You h ave nothing to lose but your skin. Cast off your skin and come out in resplendent colours to resume your blogging !

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Apoorv Saxena said...

Jaswant Singh's views on Sardar Patel were so bad in taste. Patel is responsible for integrity of India, how can anyone paint him with the same brush as Nehru-Jinnah..